Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ignite Boise 5 presentation - Matt Pipkin of Commit 65

Open Positions: RNB Community Manager


The uDrove® Humanitarian Bowl is devoted to the recognition of the positive impact teams, coaches and student-athletes have in their communities and their leadership roles in promoting humanitarian efforts. It was originally inspired by the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame, located here at the Bronco Stadium, which honors athletes across all sports for their humanitarian leadership.

We are working on behalf of the uDrove Humanitarian Bowl to build Rock 'n Bowl Week, a community festival in downtown Boise featuring local businesses and entertainment the week of the Humanitarian Bowl December 13-18, 2010.

Our goal is to help Boise embrace and take ownership of the uDrove Humanitarian Bowl and utilize its economic impact to benefit our local economy, showcase our culture, and raise money for a local charity.

We will accomplish this by creating a "passport" to our community in the form of a wristband. The wristband costs $10 and will include admission to all of Rock 'n Bowl Week events, discounts at local businesses, restaurants and entertainment venues which are part of the Rock 'n Bowl community. We will donate 20% of wristband sales to the local nonprofit, Commit 65.

Open Positions:

RNB Community Manager - uDrove Humanitarian RNB Community Managers are volunteers who want to help welcome our local and out of town guests (visiting Boise to attend the Humanitarian Bowl) and help enrich their experience in Boise while at uDrove Humanitarian RNB events.

Specifically, Community Managers will:
  • Sell and deliver RNB wristbands online and at events, interact with local and out of town guests at their designated RNB events, and at the uDrove Humanitarian Bowl and tailgate.
  • Help with RNB social media community management on Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare by engaging fans of the teams selected to play in the Humanitarian Bowl and folks who purchase wristbands to RNB festival.
  • Recommend places to eat, drink and be entertained throughout the city, especially places that are part of the RNB physical and virtual community.

Preferred Qualities:
  • RNB Contributors could be described as “social butterflies”, they have an active social life and might be considered up and coming “Influencers” on various social media platforms.
  • They’re intelligent, cultured, and invested in our physical and virtual community.
  • They likely volunteer for other causes and are concerned with issues that impact Idaho.
  • Preferably they work at (or own) a local business.
  • They actively use Twitter and Facebook and may have done professional social media community management, or are eager to learn.
  • We’re looking to recruit individuals for our team who are intimately familiar with Boise so that they are able to suggest places to eat, shop and be entertained throughout the city.

  • Training on social media community management using Twitter, Facebook, Google Analytics & more, provided by Humanitarian Bowl Interactive Media Communication Specialist, Shannon Morgan.
  • Experience with event planning and execution of a nationally recognized event.
  • 2 tickets to the uDrove Humanitarian Bowl.
  • Possibility to earn 20% of the sales from wrist bands you sell.
  • Letter of recommendation and/or LinkedIn recommendation from Shannon Morgan on behalf of the uDrove Humanitarian Bowl for exceptional performance.
To apply, or for more information, please send a letter of interest to

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